Online Shopping Apps in Pakistan

Online Shopping Apps in Pakistan in 2023

Digital payment systems, such as those used for online shopping, are becoming incredibly popular in the developing world. 

As an additional example, Pakistan is included in this group. All sorts of people can use various online apps to run a business whenever it’s most suitable for them. 

You may find apps or websites that provide these services all over the internet.

However, with apps, things are more engaging, clickable, and easy to access. 

To that end, we looked into the best online shopping apps in Pakistan and came up with a few that are especially remarkable. 

If you’re interested in discovering the most popular apps in Pakistan after learning about the finest online shopping websites in Pakistan, then you’ve come to the right place.

List of Online Shopping Apps in Pakistan

Some of the best online shopping apps in Pakistan are listed below.

  • Alibaba
  • Daraz
  • Savyour
  • OLX
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • Metro
  • HomeShopping

Now let’s start to learn in detail.


Alibaba has been around since 1999, but it is now the best place to make international payments. 

There are millions of customers and sellers that they serve every day. As an affiliate of the Alibaba Group, it is their goal to improve international trade.

To reach this goal, they help both sellers and buyers set up a global market for their products. gives you access to hundreds of millions of items in more than 40 categories, such as home appliances, industrial machinery, and fashionable clothing.

Customers for these items come from over 190 different nations and regions, and every day they send and receive tens of thousands of messages on the site.

They’re constantly working to improve their platform’s features so that they can better help businesses on their journey to expand their operations and learn about new possibilities. is the one-stop shop for all your international business needs, whether you need to purchase goods from the comfort of your smartphone or communicate with sellers.



If you ask a regular person in Pakistan about the finest online shopping websites, Daraz might be the first name they mention. 

After it was started, it didn’t take long for it to become well-known in the eCommerce industry. It is a South Asian success story. 

It’s evolved from a single site to a multi-seller marketplace. Its smart computing has helped close the gap between retailers, wholesalers, and customers. 

There are more than 30,000 dealers in Daraz’s marketplace, so you have a lot of options for finding a reliable dealer with fair prices. 

Because of this, there is now competition within Daraz to make sure you get the most popular product on the market.



Savyour is a special mobile app because it is the only one of its kind to offer cash-back incentive programs to its users. 

Every time you buy this software, you’ll get a refund. There are a large number of Pakistani stores that work with this app. 

You can choose from over 250 different local brands with this software, which gives you the freedom to choose from different branches.

Medicare, clothing, health and beauty products, groceries, office supplies, books, electronics, auto parts, tires, and much more are all available within the app. 
Every time you make a purchase, you can get up to 20% of the purchase price back as cashback in your digital wallet. That’s a significant amount of money you can save by doing it that way.



OLX excels where other marketplaces fail: in the buying, selling, and resale of a wide range of products.

Taking images of your product with the app and uploading them to their website along with a description is all that’s required of you.

A home, car, refrigerator, etc., could all be put up for sale. You display the item for sale beside its price.

Interested buyers can locate your contact details in the product description and get in touch to see if the products are still in stock.

In addition to the one-of-a-kind selling potential, it is also the best place to get dependable second-hand goods at affordable prices.



The previous two years have seen a rapid rise in AliExpress’s popularity in Pakistan. 

Since most items are given as “gifts,” you won’t have to pay taxes or customs charges, and the prices are already discounted. 

Pakistani customers have said that there have been some problems getting their orders on time.

Can I trust AliExpress? Yes, AliExpress itself is not a fraud. 

It’s a genuine online marketplace where buyers and sellers may meet each other. 

But there have been reports of dealers trying to trick customers by sending them broken or fake goods.

Unlike Amazon, most AliExpress sellers are in China and buy their products from Chinese manufacturers. 
This helps them save money, which in turn allows them to provide free or low-cost shipping.



Amazon is a global online marketplace where people may purchase and sell a wide range of things. For merchants, the software also includes storage facilities. 

After you download the app to your computer or mobile device, you’ll be able to shop for Amazon’s huge selection of products right away. 

The best thing about this app is that it can keep in touch with the buyer or seller through different social media channels. 

Amazon can have goods shipped to you from almost any business, including specialty shops and supermarkets, in almost every country.

Even though Pakistan doesn’t have access to Amazon, its products can still be bought through proxies.



The Metro shopping app is the best option if you want to find all of the best electronic products in one convenient location. 

Shopping for groceries, clothing, or home furnishings is as easy as clicking a mouse, and not just for gadgets. The goal of making this app was to improve the shopper’s overall experience. 

The app will even transport food products like meat and frozen foods right to your door. 
Since the nearest Metro station is far from your home, the app is the best way to shop quickly and easily



Finding an affordable cell phone is a task in and of itself. You make a plan, visit a local market, and come away without finding a smartphone that fits your needs and budget. 

There is never going to be enough selection for you. 

You’ll be shown mobile devices from companies whose products you may never want to buy, but you’ll be forced to think about them because you have so few choices.
home is one of the few Pakistani e-commerce sites to stock a wide selection of high-tech mobile phones, tablets, and other goods.

Filtering your search by category, brand, price range, and condition will help you locate suitable options. 

The focus is on selling high-quality electronics, but you might also find interesting categories like books and office supplies, mobile accessories, fashion, and toys for babies. 

Hotels in Pakistan’s biggest cities are easy to find because they are in areas set aside for tourists.


In this piece, I have gone through the top online shopping apps in Pakistan.

Each of these shopping applications may be trusted to provide safe and useful services. 

You can use any of these applications to purchase whatever you choose.

Alibaba, Daraz, and OLX are the three companies with the highest rankings in this category. 

I really think you’ll find this essay to be informative. In case you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment.

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