Women's fashion clothes in Pakistan

Women’s fashion clothes in Pakistan in 2023

Pakistani designers have done very well in the fashion industry. 

Since Pakistan’s foundation, the country’s fashion has gone through a series of transformations that have contributed to its current identity. 

Today, Pakistani fashion is a mix of traditional and modern clothes that show the country’s identity. 

In the current global environment and other modern impacts, regional and traditional garments have retained their significance as symbols of indigenous culture. 

The term “Pakistani clothes” is used to describe the traditional dress of the people of Pakistan and those of Pakistani heritage. 

Pakistan has a lot of different cultures and traditions, and these are reflected in Pakistani fashion. 

Some of these regions are Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pashtun), Gilgit-Baltistan, and Kashmir. 

Each culture can be distinguished from others by how its people dress, representing the region’s climate, way of life, and unique style.

In this article, I will discuss fashion clothes for women in Pakistan.

Women’s Fashion clothes

There has been a long-term and deep growth of the online shopping trend in Pakistan during the past decade. 

These days, just about anything you might want is a mouse click away.  

Finding an item that is both fashionable and suits your personal style is more essential than looking for and perusing opinions about it.  

The best e-commerce sites in Pakistan offer a wide range of women’s clothing from well-known local and international designers. technical details.

Pakistan’s leading e-commerce sites provide a wide variety of women’s fashion wear from well-known local and foreign designers. 

They sell a wide variety of women’s clothing, including chiffon dresses, net dresses, cotton dresses, lawn dresses, masoori dresses, sari dresses, Kurtis, and pants. 

You can buy any shalwar kameez, abaya, bridal dress, party dress, and other international and traditional dresses of your choice.

So let’s start to learn about some trending women’s fashion clothes in Pakistan. Visiting this website will provide you with the best info on mehndi and wedding fashion.

A shalwar kameez

A shalwar kameez

The shalwar kameez is a traditional dress for women in Pakistan. 

It comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles, and can be embroidered with a wide variety of handiwork. 

A wide variety of sleeve lengths, shirt lengths, and crop tops are all fine for kameez. 

The bottoms can be plain trousers, cigar pajamas, tulip pants, samosa pants, or a straight-cut shalwar.

Women’s Sarees

Women's Sarees

Sarees are adaptable garments that may be seen on women of many ages and backgrounds in nations like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. 

In many parts of the world, women don’t save sarees only for special occasions; they often wear them as everyday wear. 

In the same way that their function can take several forms, so can the designs and fashions of the most modern sarees. 

This kind of women’s dress is simply beautiful and can make any woman look incredibly fashionable.

T-Shirts & Kurtis

T-Shirts & Kurtis

There will always be a place for Kurtis and tops in fashion. 

They have obviously overtaken the classic shalwar kameez with something that looks more thrilling and fresh, and so they are the most prevalent sort of clothes that are worn by ladies today. 

With the right bottoms, even a basic Kurti or top may be worn in a variety of ways, from casual to formal.



Women of means in urban Pakistan often cover their heads in public with abayas. 

Pakistani women wear the abaya more than any other garment. 

It’s usually made of white cotton, shaped like a tent, and worn over regular clothes. 

The two-piece abaya, typically black but also seen in dark blue and crimson, is a popular choice for women of means. 

It’s made up of a long garment and separate headwear with a hood that can be pulled down over the wearer’s face. 

The abaya is no longer being worn by all educated urban women. Women who work in the fields as rural landowners also do not typically wear the abaya. 

Abayas are only worn by the wealthiest women in remote areas.

The rural elite and urban middle class still observe purdah, but most landowners no longer do.

The Masoori Clothing 

Dresses made from masoori fabric are extremely popular in Pakistan. 

This is due to the fact that masonry fabric is typically used to make semi-formal wear as well as heavy formal party-wear gowns. 

This material is a cross between tissue and chiffon, and it combines the desirable qualities of both.

Dresses Made with Nett

The net material, much like a fishing net, is punctured and has tiny holes all over it. 

The most commonly used materials are cotton, nylon, silk, and polyester. Nylon is also frequently used. 

In Pakistan, most of the clothes that women wear are made out of different kinds of net fabric. 

Dresses made of net fabric are usually worn to special events like weddings and receptions.

Dresses for Bridal

Dresses for Bridal

The Pakistani wedding takes place over several days, and guests are expected to wear the right clothes for each event.  

Commonly in the Punjab region of Pakistan, the bride wears a yellow or orange kameez up until the wedding day, paired with a plain shalwar.

A Patiala shalwar, a yellow dupatta, and a yellow paranda. 

The bride traditionally wears Firaq Partug in the northwestern region, particularly in the border areas; however, this varies from one region to another.

Brides in many parts of Pakistan may wear a lehenga or sharara in bright colors like red, maroon, and pink, complemented with heavy jewelry.

Other Fashion dresses

Besides the shalwar kameez, Pakistani ladies have a wide range of traditional costumes.

They wear it for major events, including weddings, engagements, mehndi, and other rituals.

Some of the most well-known garments are the ghagra choli and the sharara; each style and color seem to be completely different from the others. 

One such fashionable garment that is both modern and traditional is the lehenga, which is a type of skirt-like garment. 

Both the sharara and the sharara are religious and cultural celebration clothes that look the same. 

The Farshi pajama is an ancient but still rarely worn traditional garment. 


In this post, I’ve gone over the many options available to Pakistani women when it comes to clothing.

A woman’s wardrobe includes a wide variety of outfits suitable for every event.

You can choose from a variety of sarees, shalwar kameez, abayas, and other formal and bridal outfits.

I really hope you’ve learned a lot from this piece. 

Thank you!

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