Ufone Evo Device price in Pakistan

Ufone Evo Device Price in Pakistan

A good internet connection is essential for keeping connected. Ufone Evo Devices are famous in Pakistan for their high-speed internet access. In this complete guide, we will discuss the Ufone Evo Device pricing in Pakistan, its features and advantages, and how it may improve your online experience. Ufone Evo smartphones are perfect for students, professionals, and digital explorers.

Ufone Evo Device Overview

Ufone Evo devices in Pakistan offer high-speed internet access. Users may remain connected with these devices’ quick and dependable internet connectivity. Enjoy smooth internet surfing, video streaming, online gaming, and more with Ufone Evo devices.

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Types of Ufone Evo Devices

Ufone offers a range of Evo devices to cater to different user needs and preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Ufone Evo devices available in Pakistan:

  • Ufone Blaze device
  • Ufone Evo CharJi
  • Ufone Evo Wingle

Ufone Blaze device

Ufone Blaze device

Ufone Blaze is a popular mobile broadband service from Pakistan’s biggest telecom provider. It enables fast and dependable internet access on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Customers can remain connected on the move with Ufone Blaze. Ufone Blaze device costs Rs. 5500, and its packages are shown below.

120 GB1699
200 GB2199
300 GB2499

Features of Ufone Blaze:

  1. High-Speed Internet: Ufone Blaze lets customers browse the web, stream films, and download files quickly and reliably.
  2. Flexible Data Packages: Ufone Blaze offers many data bundles for users. Ufone Blaze has options for modest or heavy internet use.
  3. Multiple-Device Connectivity: Ufone Blaze supports multi-device connectivity. Ufone Blaze Wingle and MiFi let smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices share the internet.
  4. Nationwide Coverage: Ufone Blaze provides high-speed internet in urban and rural locations of Pakistan.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Ufone Blaze offers inexpensive data bundles so people may have speedy internet without breaking their wallets.
  6. Ease of Use: Ufone Blaze phones are simple to set up. Users may easily connect and start using high-speed internet.
  7. Customer Support: Ufone Blaze consumers can contact trustworthy customer care for questions or technical concerns.

Ufone Evo CharJi

Ufone Blaze device

Ufone Evo CharJi is an advanced mobile broadband service offered by Ufone in Pakistan. It provides users with high-speed internet connectivity on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With Evo CharJi, customers can enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences. Charji Evo costs Rs. 3000, and its packages are shown below.

20GB internetRs. 1,000
30GB internetRs. 1,250
50GB internetRs. 1,500
Unlimited internetRs. 1,999

Features of Ufone Evo CharJi:

  1. High-Speed 4G LTE Connectivity: Ufone Evo CharJi offers lightning-fast 4G LTE speeds, enabling users to experience seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading activities. It provides a reliable and robust internet connection for a superior online experience.
  2. Wide Coverage: Ufone Evo CharJi covers more major cities in Pakistan, ensuring high-speed internet connectivity. This offers connectivity at home, work, and abroad.
  3. Multiple Device Connectivity: Evo CharJi lets users share high-speed internet with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices. This allows multi-user internet access.
  4. Flexible Data Packages: Ufone offers flexible data packages with Evo CharJi to cater to different user requirements. Whether you need light internet usage or heavy data consumption, there are various options available, allowing you to choose a package that suits your needs and budget.
  5. Enhanced Online Experience: With Ufone Evo CharJi, users can enjoy a superior online experience. Whether it’s browsing websites, streaming HD videos, playing online games, or downloading large files, high-speed connectivity ensures smooth and efficient performance.
  6. Customer Support: Ufone provides reliable customer support to assist users with any queries or technical issues related to Ufone Evo CharJi services. Users can reach out to their customer service for assistance and guidance.

Ufone Evo Wingle

Ufone Evo Wingle

Ufone Evo Wingle is a portable USB device offered by Ufone, a telecom operator in Pakistan. It provides users with high-speed internet connectivity on the go, allowing them to access the internet using Ufone’s network. With Ufone Evo Wingle, users can conveniently connect their devices and enjoy fast internet access wherever they are. Ufone EVO Wingle USB: Rs. 2,500/-30-day prepaid/postpaid billing is offered.

EVO 9.3 Mbps Packages
Sr. NoVolumeMRC
110 GBRs. 750
220 GBRs. 1000
330 GBRs. 1,250
450 GBRs. 1,500

Features and Benefits of Ufone Evo Devices

Ufone Evo devices are popular among Pakistani internet users because of their many features and perks. Benefits and characteristics include:

  • High-speed internet: You can browse websites, stream movies, and download files swiftly with Ufone Evo handsets.
  • Portability: These little devices are easy to carry and use anywhere. Connect at home, work, and on the move.
  • Easy setup: Ufone Evo devices are designed for user convenience. They’re generally plug-and-play, making installation easy.
  • Multiple device connectivity: Ufone Evo devices may share internet connections with several devices, depending on the model.
  • Wide coverage: Ufone Evo devices provide consistent internet in Pakistan’s urban and rural regions because of their vast network coverage.

Ufone Evo Device Price in Pakistan

Now, let’s dive into the Ufone Evo device prices in Pakistan. It’s important to note that the prices may vary depending on the specific device model and any ongoing promotions.

Below is an approximate price range for popular Ufone Evo devices:

  • Ufone Blaze device: The Ufone Blaze device is available at a price range of PKR 5000 to 5500
  • Ufone Evo Wingle: The Ufone Evo Wingle is available at a price range of PKR 2,500 to PKR 3,500.
  • Ufone Evo CharJi: The Ufone Evo CharJi device is priced between PKR 3,000 to PKR 4,500.

Note: Contact Ufone or an authorized retailer for current pricing.


How can I check my Ufone Blaze usage?

Ufone makes checking Blaze’s use easy. Ufone users can get Blaze data consumption details by dialing a code *3045#. This lets you track and manage your internet usage.

How can I recharge my Ufone device?

My Ufone App login.
Select Recharge/Bill Payment.
Select Payment Mode, Enter Ufone Number Enter the amount, and submit.
On the Confirmation Screen, click Proceed.
Enter Card Details.
Receive confirmation and 10% cashback.

Which WIFI device is best in Pakistan?

Jazz Home Wifi.
Jazz Super 4G Wifi.
Blaze 4G.
Telenor Wingle.
Charji Evo.


In conclusion, Ufone Evo devices provide an excellent solution for staying connected to the internet with high-speed connectivity in Pakistan. With their portability, easy setup, and multiple device connectivity, they offer convenience and flexibility to users. While the Ufone Evo device price in Pakistan may vary, they provide value for money with their features and benefits. Whether you need internet access for work, study, or leisure, Ufone Evo devices can enhance your online experience and keep you connected wherever you go. Stay connected with Ufone Evo and unlock the full potential of the digital world!


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