Top Online Stores in Pakistan By Revenue

Top online stores in Pakistan by revenue

Top online stores in Pakistan are the 46th largest e-commerce market with 4 billion in revenue in 2020, ahead of Peru and Greece. With a 90% growth, the Pakistani e-commerce market contributed to a 29% global growth rate in 2020.

E-commerce revenue continues to grow. New markets are emerging, and existing markets have the potential to grow further. Worldwide development will proceed throughout the following, not many years. It will focus on East and Southeast Asia, expanding its middle class and lagging behind offline shopping infrastructure.

Top online stores in Pakistan

The e-commerce marketplace includes online sales of physical goods to the private and user (B2C). This definition includes purchases from computers as well as mobile purchases through smartphones and tablets.

Excluded from the definition of e-commerce are digitally distributed services (such as travel tickets), online stores dedicated to digital media downloads or streams, online stores dedicated to B2B markets, and within e-commerce. Sales market between private individuals (C2C).

List of Top online stores in Pakistan

Here is a list of different Top online stores in Pakistan.

  • HomeShopping .PK
  • Daraz. pk
  • Mega. pk

So let’s start to learn it in detail. Almost Entirely in Pakistan

Gulahmedshop.Com Almost Entirely In Pakistan

Its e-commerce net sales are almost entirely in Pakistan. In terms of product range, specializes in the “fashion” category, especially in the “apparel” area. The online store was launched in 2015. The store’s revenue in 2020 was 62 62 million.

HomeShopping.PK: Top online stores in Pakistan

HomeShopping.PK Top Online Stores In Pakistan

An adult and elderly player in the e-commerce market, HomeShopping.p has been in the running for a very long time, however, it ranks third in the rankings with only 886,670 views.

With its long experience in the market and decent user base, could do a much better job with some marketing and brand promotion.

As evidenced by the traffic jams above, gets most of its unique visitors from search engines. The average visit length is 3 minutes 34 seconds while the average user views 3.34 pages. Internet Business Stores

ShopHive.Com Internet Business Stores in pakistan is one of the most seasoned internet business stores in the country. Today, Fifth, it falls relatively low in the rankings. Despite market dominance, ShopHive lost its number one spot a few years later to market players. The retailer receives 483,330 different visitors each month.

Traffic jams show that ShopHive has done very little in terms of marketing. More than three-quarters of that traffic comes from organic search terms. Still, it distances itself from any kind of brand promotion. The online retailer is generally known for advanced devices that are not often available at other stores.

However, the best online shopping site layout allows ShopHive to keep its users at approximately 4 minutes 35 seconds per visit. Users also view at least 4.67 pages before ending their shopping session. National Sales Store

Khaadi.Com National Sales Store in pakistan, operated by Khaadi Pvt. Ltd., is an online store that focuses on national sales. Its e-commerce net sales are almost entirely in Pakistan. In terms of product range, has the largest share of e-commerce net sales in the “fashion” category.

In addition, products in the “Furniture and Appliances” category are part of the offer. The store has revenues of 51 51 million. Best Online Marketing Store

Daraz.Pk Best Online Marketing Store in pakistan

Daraz. pk is undoubtedly the market leader. Over the years, it has made the right marketing and partnership decisions that will maximize its reach and improve brand name recognition. Today, it isn’t just the most famous internet-based retailer yet, in addition, the easily recognized name.

The numbers never lie, and with 9.3 million unique visitors each month, Daraz. Pk is at the top of our rankings. Thanks for the user-friendly and attractive website design, Daraz. Pk claims that the duration of the visit is 5 minutes 6 seconds. Each visitor sees an average of 48, 48 product pages on the e-commerce store. Top online stores in Pakistan

Mega.Pk Top Online Stores In Pakistan

The Mega. pk Shop is as old as Hive, but poor marketing means it ranks seventh with only 396,670 views.

Traffic details show that mega. Pk is not even trying to expand its reach. Advertising, email newsletters, social media presence, and references are rare. Only a small number of people have direct access to the website.

Using an older design, the average visit duration is only 2 minutes 2 seconds and it gets only 3.14 page views per visitor. Good Website Design

IShopping.Pk Good Website Design in pakistan

IShopping ranks are seventh with an average of 436,670 monthly views. The retailer has suffered some traffic losses in recent days, but its growing product line could change that.

For so long in the market, iShopping goes from Monday to Monday with the shop hi in brand recognition. Most of its traffic still comes from search engines while better marketing keeps improving its brand name.

The online shopping retailer has a good website design; however, due to the lack of recommendations on the product pages, it suffers from involving visitors. On average, users stay on the website for only 2 minutes and 44 seconds and view only 2.80 pages.

24 hours. pk: Unique Monthly Visitors

IShopping.Pk Good Website Design

The last on the list is with 217,670 unique monthly visitors. Still, a new brand,, has seen rapid improvement in recent days thanks to strong marketing efforts.

The traffic jam indicates that is using a relatively different marketing technique. Instead of relying on search engines or display ads, it chooses Facebook marketing which brings it to the majority of its visitors. The rest of the traffic sources, except the display ad, are evenly distributed.

Brand recognition is relatively strong and is improving due to social media advertising. In terms of design, lags behind modern competitors, resulting in an average user visit of only 2 minutes and 35 seconds per page viewer.

Conclusion: Top online stores in Pakistan

Since the advent of 3G / 4G in Pakistan, the e-commerce industry has seen a major shift. Growth has been so rapid that Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is projected to generate 1 billion in revenue by 2020.

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