Top 10 Smart Watches Price in Pakistan

A Deep Dive Into Top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan 2023

The combination of fashion and technology in smartwatches has made them more than just high-tech accessories.

They do a lot more than just tell the time; they also perform phone functions and fitness tracking. Men and women who are interested in technology will find them attractive because of their stylish design and practical features.

Not only does the best Android smartwatch provide you with all the information you need on your wrist, but it also performs all of your smartphone’s functions via third-party apps.

Consequently, there is an ever-increasing worldwide interest in these high-tech gadgets. It’s a good idea to read this article if you want to buy the best smartwatches for men or women.

These high-tech gadgets, their types, buying guide, quick tips, best smartwatch brands, and their best products are all covered in this comprehensive guide.

By allowing for self-monitoring of personal activity, obtaining feedback based on activity measures, conducting in-person surveys to identify patterns of behavior, and facilitating-directional

communication with health care providers and family members, smartwatches have the potential to support health in everyday living. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are a relatively new technology, and research into these devices is still in its early stages.

1New Apple Watch Series 6Rs. 89,999
2Samsung Galaxy Watch3 2020Rs 49,999
3Fitbit Sense Advanced SmartwatchRs 51,499
4Samsung Galaxy ActiveRs 23,999
5Cubitt CT2Pro Smart WatchRs 20,800
6Garmin Vivoactive 3₨ 33,749
7Garmin Vivosmart 4Rs 15,200
8AGPTEK Smartwatch for Women:Rs.12,199
9Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid SmartwatchRs 50,699
10Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4Rs 5,499

Different Types of Smart Watches:

You can find a wide variety of styles, types, and functions in these watches. Some track your heart rate, while others give you access to all of the features of your smartphone right on your wrist.

In Pakistan, you can buy any of these watches from, but it’s up to you to select the one that best suits your needs. has such a wide variety of these watches, so we’ll help you out by describing the most common models.

Smartwatches with built-in fitness trackers:

Many high-tech sports watches are fitness trackers because they can monitor a variety of health and fitness measures.

The best smartwatch for fitness in 2021 will be able to track data such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep duration, active phase, and even stress levels.

In order to keep track of their health goals, health-conscious men and women always use fitness tracking watches.

Smartwatches with notification function:

Watches with advanced features typically have only a few basic functions, such as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, and date display.

Bluetooth sync allows you to receive mobile phone notifications on your wrists, in addition to the primary functions of this type of watch. An alarm sound or vibration alerts the wearer to incoming phone calls, text messages, and low battery.

It’s a good option for people who only need their watches to work with their phones because it’s inexpensive. Online smartwatch shopping in Pakistan makes it easier for people in Pakistan to locate and buy imported smartwatches.

Wearable technology for athletes:

In Pakistan, you can buy smart sports watches from if you are an athlete or sportsman.

It’s more than just a step counter or activity tracker.

It is a customized smart fitness tracker that measures the distance traveled, heart rate, sleep time, stress level, and level of physical activity.

Wearing this while working out or participating in sports is possible thanks to its long-lasting materials and water-repellent finish.

Smartwatches that are more traditional in design:

It’s a simple extension of your cell phone. You can use this device to view, receive, and conduct basic phone functions, but you will be unable to use it to update or access any social media apps.’s online shopping service in Pakistan also carries stylish smartwatches in a classic design.

10 Best Smart Watches for Women and Men in Pakistan:

  1. New Apple Watch Series 6:
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch3 2020:
  3. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch:
  4. Samsung Galaxy Active
  5. Cubitt CT2Pro Smart Watch:
  6. Garmin Vivoactive 3
  7. Garmin Vivosmart 4
  8. AGPTEK Smartwatch for Women:
  9. Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch
  10. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Apple Watch Series 6:

Apple Watch Series 6 in pakistan

When it comes to fitness, phone functions, GPS tracking, and fashion, the new Apple Smart Watch Series 6 is the best option.

You can utilize phone functions without touching your phone. It contains an ECG app to monitor your heart health while using a fitness app to keep track of your everyday activities.

Additionally, this wearable gadget has 5 GHz WiFi connectivity, so you may connect to the internet wherever you are. Buying it from Pakistani online retailer is a good idea for iPhone owners who want to make use of these capabilities. At our location, you can quickly locate the price of this Apple smartwatch 2020 in Pakistan.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in pakistan

This smart sports watch for women and men includes all of the features of a fitness tracker in order to keep track of the appropriate training intensity.

As a result, this new sports watch includes all of the high-level modifications necessary to make it the best possible for athletes. It enables you to access phone functionality,

social networking apps, a music player, a remote camera, and phone notifications through your smartphone. Its health reminders and fitness tracker assist you in maintaining your maximum health and well-being. The finest part is that it is capable of connecting with both iPhones and Android phones simultaneously and without any restrictions.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch:

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch in pakistan

Designed with cutting-edge technology, Fitbit’s smartwatch is a step toward a more intelligent future.

Advanced stress management, body temperature, and heart health monitoring are all included in this fitness tracker. It has an app that uses electrodermal activity to determine the level of stress

. In addition, patients with heart illness can benefit from the Fitbit watch, as it will alert them to high and low heart rates. All of these health and fitness indicators, in addition to its basic phone features, Google help, built-in GPS, and update features, make this device the best in its class.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2:

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 in pakistan

If you’re looking for a classic-style watch with cutting-edge technology, the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is a great option.

It makes it simple to keep tabs on your physical well-being by giving you access to all of the most basic tracking features. It also benefits in the automatic tracking of your workout and the documentation of your daily activity schedule.

Using a simple round dial, you can access any program or functionality without any difficulties, thanks to its user-friendly layout. With no restrictions, you can use it with any Android or iOS smartphone.

Cubitt CT2Pro Smart Watch:

Cubitt CT2Pro Smart Watch in pakistan

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 from Daraz in Pakistan if you want a classic-looking watch with all of the best features.

It makes it simple to keep tabs on your physical well-being by giving you access to all of the most basic tracking features. It can also help you keep track of your daily exercise routine by auto-tracking your workouts.

You can quickly and easily access all of your apps and settings thanks to the round dial’s user-friendly setup. With no regulations, you can use it with any Android or iOS device.

Garmin Vivoactive 3:

Garmin Vivoactive 3 in pakistan

It is now possible to wear a GPS watch on an Android phone thanks to Garmin’s innovative and simple design.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 has GPS, a device, a lap-timer for sports, and an outdoor computer for access to the internet. To help you keep track of your workouts, it comes with more than a dozen built-in GPS and sports apps.

Widgets and apps can also be installed from the Interact IQ store..

Garmin Vivosmart 4:

Garmin Vivosmart 4 in pakistan

The Vivosmart 4 from Garmin is a sleek, fashionable, and high-end wearable device. You can use the vivosmart4 for fitness monitoring,

social media connectivity, and even a GPS locator. Many features are included in the device’s high configuration, such as the ability to track REM sleep and stress levels as well as a relaxation breathing timer and VO2 Max. If you buy a Vivo smartwatch from Daraz,

you’ll have access to all of these qualities.

AGPTEK Smartwatch for Women:

AGPTEK Smartwatch For Women in pakistan

The dial and band of the AGPTEK Smartwatch are both stylish and modern, with a pastel pink color scheme. With its advanced features,

you’ll find an activity tracker, pedometer, heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle calculator, and sleep monitor. You can also use any app (such as WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook) right from your wrist with this device.

For women, it’s the ultimate everyday wearable innovation. Looking for a Nokia smartwatch price in Pakistan will yield its price, and you can buy it through Daraz Pakistan’s online shopping service.

Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch:

Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch in pakistan

Both Android and iPhone users can benefit from the original Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch, which was generated for both platforms in mind. In order to keep tabs on your heart’s activity,

it has a heart rate sensor. This means that you can use it to monitor your heart health. In addition to the HR features, the pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor, and other fitness tracking tools on the watch all play a role. Additionally,

you can use it to see notifications from your phone, such as calls, texts, music weather updates; and more. As a result of its pink and feminine design, it is the perfect smartwatch for women in Pakistan, which is available on Daraz.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 in pakistan

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has quickly become a major player in the market. It has high-quality electronic devices with the latest technology specifications at a reasonable price.

A health tracker, the ability to get notifications, and the ability to track your calories, heart rate, and other fitness options are all included in the Mi Band, a smartwatch made by Xiaomi.

Compared to more expensive smartwatches from other brands, these are more on the affordable side; however, the Mi smart band makes it the best fit for students and teens who are on-trend.

Since the small screen makes it difficult to read notifications, the only advantage of the Xiaomi watch is that many of them don’t include a microphone and,

as a result, do not allow users to take phone calls. One-of-a-kind and functional smartwatches from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s smartwatches are the best and most affordable in the market. For a limited time, Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is on sale for just Rs. 3,999

However, the previous selling price of Rs.5,499 is more accurate. This fitness tracker band is the first smart bracelet with a color display in a series of smartwatches. Heart rate monitor and athletics mode are included.

It’s only been a few months since the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos made its way to the top of the sales charts.

The dual-core, 512 MB RAM, 1.2 GHz processor, 4 GB ROM, as well as a waterproof watch option with all the necessary sensors, are just some of the useful features of this device. It’s also one of the best watches, but it’s a little pricey at around Rs.23,499, so it’s not for everyone.

Final Conclusion:

Since 2014, smartwatches for everyday use have made great inroads into medical research. It is

critical to conduct huge area studies that include people with the conditions that these devices

are designed to treat in order to test their effectiveness in supporting health.


What are the benefits of the smartwatch?

Health and fitness. Fitness tracking is one of many features and advantages of smartwatches.

Discover where you’ve left your phone and key; Listen to music; Get instructions; Make and

receive phone calls; Get updates; Make an emergency call; and Detect a Fall.

Is there a SIM card in a smartwatch?

Allows you to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages. A SIM card is required if you don’t want to use your phone’s cellular network or WiFi to connect to your smartwatch.

Is a smartwatch good for your health?

Smartwatches can also relieve stress because they give you access to health-related apps, such as those for diabetes. They also give you access to a plethora of fitness, diet, and mental health apps that make it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do I charge my smartwatch?

The charger should be placed right on top of your smartwatch. It has two pins that line up with circular grooves on the back of the phone. Lightning bolts appear at the top of your watch face or next to your battery percentage if your watch is charging properly.

Is there a specific reason to wear a smartwatch?

Unlike smartphones, smartwatches can perform a wide range of functions. Heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall fitness can all be tracked with this device. You can also listen to music, do phone-free functions, and even pay at the store with this device.

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