Largest Shopping Malls in Pakistan in 2022

Largest Shopping Malls is a specifically constructed covered area with stores and restaurants that people can stroll between and where automobiles are not permitted. The word ‘mall’ derives from a croquet-like 16th-century Italian alley game.

The primary purpose of a shopping mall is for people to go out of the house and do something enjoyable. Shopping malls may host social gatherings, entertainment, performances, product launches, promotions, and festivals, among other things.

Largest Shopping Malls in Pakistan

Shopping malls are super useful since they have all of your favorite stores in one location. Shopping in such areas may also save money because you can compare rates for different stores. After all, they are all near together.

People in Pakistan used to seldom go shopping since there were no retail markets. Outlets were later developed in big cities’ hubs, but there was no place where consumers could find everything under one roof rather than traveling around looking for different goods.

Eventually, some shopping malls arose in response to the need for a destination that had everything, giving customers the finest possible experience. Because of the high demand for malls, the responsible authorities and business community have finally decided to establish shopping malls in Pakistan.

Some big malls have opened in Pakistan, offering a mix of local and international brands. So let’s get started.

List of Biggest Shopping malls in Pakistan

Here is a list of biggest shopping mall in Pakistan.

  • Aquatic Mall
  • Mall of Lahore
  • Giga Mall, Islamabad
  • Karachi’s Lucky One Mall
  • Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall
  • Clifton, Karachi’s Dolmen Mall

So lets start to learn it in detail..

Aquatic Mall: Marine-themed Shopping Mall

Aquatic Mall Marine-themed Shopping Mall

The Aquatic Mall is Pakistan’s first marine-themed shopping mall, including the world’s highest aquarium. The Mall is 24 Kanal and 13 Marla in size, yet it contains every amenity a person might desire.

The mall, which will be finished by 2022 and will house both local and international companies, is located in a great position on GT Road in Rawalpindi.

Despite the fact that the mall is still under construction, it is expected to outperform all other malls in Pakistan owing to the variety of services and attractions on offer. A stunning rooftop with an infinity pool and skywalk is available at the mall. On the rooftop, VIPs will have access to a helipad.

Mall of Lahore: Largest Shopping Malls

Mall of Lahore Largest Shopping Malls

The Mall of Lahore is the country’s largest multi-purpose retail facility, with a large selection of international brands. It is one of Pakistan’s largest retail malls, as well as the largest in Punjab. It is so thoughtfully designed that no one can dispute its uniqueness.

The Mall of Lahore is a 650,000-square-foot shopping mall with over 70 businesses and 60 luxury residences in the cantonment region of Lahore. It is the city’s largest shopping complex, and it is owned by Pakistan’s largest real estate corporation, Bahria Town.

It is the perfect option for shopping because it is a combination of classic architecture and a luxury modern entertainment centre.The festive Food Court has worldwide restaurants and cafés, as well as local traditional cuisines, serving to a wide range of tastes and palates.

This mall efficiently caters to the needs of consumers, from apparel to gold and gadgets; people do not need to go for another choice when Mall of Lahore is nearby.

Giga Mall, Islamabad: Largest Shopping Malls

Giga Mall Islamabad Largest Shopping Malls

Giga Mall is a retail mall in DHA Islamabad that offers superb shopping. When compared to other malls, it contains more than 150 big retailers with a diverse collection. It is Islamabad’s best retail mall, and it is conveniently accessible from all parts of the twin metropolis.

Aside from shopping, Giga Mall also offers fun activities such as fun city and cinema, providing the best experience in town. The fact that Twin Cities has a wide choice of food brands makes this the finest spot to eat.

On special days, Giga Mall keeps its guests entertained by offering fun-filled events. The mall features enough parking and a Mosque in the basements, allowing shoppers to browse without concern of missing a single Namaz.

Karachi’s Lucky One Mall

Karachi's Lucky One Mall

The Luckyone Mall is a much-needed addition to Karachi’s northern edge, catering to residents in the city’s centre and north. Luckyone is the largest mall in Pakistan’s history, and it is owned by Yunus Brother. It built on a 3.4 million square foot plot of land.

The Mall is enormous and has the potential to become a significant tourist destination in Karachi. Because the majority of Karachi’s contemporary malls are in the southern part of the city, LuckyOne Management smartly picked its location, and its popularity will only rise with time.

Lucky One is a popular and all in one shopping mall with a variety of amenities, including branded and local stores, a children’s play area called Wonderland, and a food court with a wide range of options. They created prayer places for men and women, which calmed people’s hearts.

Lahore’s Emporium Mall

Lahore's Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall is Lahore’s most opulently designed and biggest mall, covering an area of 115 kanals. It is located in the heart of Lahore’s Johar Town. People’s attention is diverted by the Mall’s sophisticated infrastructure.

It houses over 200 brands from both local and international businesses. A large multiplex theatre, a supermarket, and a children’s play area are also located within the mall. The Emporium Mall is extremely well-run and planned.

Everything is in order, and the food court is brimming with variety.

Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall

Islamabad's Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall is one of the major retail malls in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. Visitors are impressed by the Mall’s top-notch Pakistani brands. Furthermore, the top level, which is entirely dedicated to the food court, has approximately 250 restaurants.

The Mall is a magnificent work of art. The Islamabad lifestyle landmark is widely visible from all across the capital and regarded as Pakistan’s largest mall.

Clifton, Karachi’s Dolmen Mall

Clifton Karachi's Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall is a Dolmen Group initiative that provides a great place for families and youth to shop for their favorite brands and eat at one of their favorite restaurants in the Dolmen Food Court.

Dolmen Mall, one of the greatest shopping malls in town, has many locations in Karachi and gives exclusive access to some of Pakistan’s most well-known brands. Dolmen Mall is a typical mall that is regarded as the greatest shopping in Pakistan and is globally renowned.

Conclusion: Largest Shopping Malls

In terms of brands and shopping mall designs, these are Pakistan’s top malls. Many malls are still being built, but they will soon join our list of must-see destinations. One of them is the Aquatic Mall, which is the first of its type with a marine theme.

This mall houses the world’s highest aquarium, which houses a wide variety of aquatic creatures.

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