Landa Bazar Shopping in Pakistan

Landa Bazar Shopping in Pakistan in 2023

Landa Bazar is a bazaar (marketplace) in Lahore, Pakistan where secondhand general goods are exchanged or sold.

Landa Bazar, due to its historical background, is one of the most famous markets of similar nature in different parts of the country.

Landa Bazar Shopping in Lahore

People from all over Punjab and other places come here in large quantities to buy items for their personal use and their retail shops.

Landa Bazar in Lahore

Landa Bazar Shopping in Lahore

Landa Bazar, like other major city markets, is facing a chronic cleaning problem.

Inside the market, you can only move around with hand carts or donkey carts. From morning to night, there is a lot of traffic.

But shop owners and customers are used to this way of life now. They rarely complain about it.

Second-hand cloth dealers are facing a lot of problems in the Landa market due to government policies.

Shopkeepers have said that business conditions are getting so bad due to uncertainty in the country, people do not visit the market for shopping.

And another reason for weak business is that the cold weather season had not started yet.

Because of this, most people did not start buying winter clothes.

Adnan Ahmed, one of the largest dealers of second-hand winter clothing in the Landa Bazar, told The Post that he bought second-hand clothes from the USA, Japan Korea, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and other European countries.

He said that India, Bangladesh, Iran, and other African countries have also bought clothes from these countries.

Used clothes, shoes, toys, and women’s bags were taxed using the same import code.

Another problem of second-hand clothes dealers is that they receive their consignments from European countries within 30 days at the port of Karachi.

But due to the uncooperative attitude of Pakistan Railways, they made their consignments from Karachi to Lahore in about six months.

Nowadays Landa Bazar in Pakistan is very famous for second-hand articles at cheap prices, which cater to the needs of many poor and deprived people.

Most people are unaware of the historical background of Landa Bazaar as a charitable project, now converted into a business by the stall keepers of Landa Bazaar.

Best Sites for Online Shopping in Landa Bazar

Best Sites for Online Shopping


Clothing, footwear, and electronics for men, women, and children of all ages may be found at the best online store in Pakistan, known as Landa Bazaar, which carries only authentic, previously owned brands.

It’s no secret that Streetstore. pk dominates the Pakistani e-commerce market.

When there was nobody around to serve the large audience, they decided to make purchases online, raising the standard of living for many people throughout the world.

They have been working together for five years to bring you the finest names in imported goods right to your doorstep.

One of Pakistan’s longest-running and most successful online retailers, is a market leader in the country. serves the Pakistani market with an extensive catalogue, offering shoppers the freedom to pick and choose from a variety of high-quality products.

Their website makes it easy to find and purchase a wide range of high-quality products.

Regardless of where you are in Pakistan, you can visit immediately, and your order will be fulfilled within 24 business hours on business days.


The LBO is an online marketplace for shoes that carries many different brands.

Every item purchased from LBO comes with a 7-day warranty and free shipping.

Sneakers, joggers, and sports shoes are just a few of the options for footwear that are available there.

Using the offered sizing chart, finding out what size shoe you need is a breeze.You can pay them in cash when they deliver your order.

You cannot get your package from their courier service until you pay the entire fee.

You can file a claim without any trouble if there is something wrong with the shipment after you receive it. Landa Bazar Shopping

Such articles used in Pakistan are commonly called ‘Landa Bazar’ items.

Many cities around the country are home to “Landa Bazar” online markets, which are visited mostly by people with lower to middle-class incomes.

Still, “brand-conscious” people sometimes go to markets to find shoes and bags that are almost new but that they wouldn’t be able to find at big stores.

There are literally hundreds of items from which to pick. Only one of each item is kept in stock at any given time. In addition, they guarantee that the goods you see are the original ones.

Khazanay. pk, an online store launched by two friends in the port city of Karachi, has been in business since November 2015.

Both Usman and Fared are certified accountants who got the idea to launch a Landa Bazaar online while working on an online Islamic insurance product.

Usman told the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) after completing his accountancy certification; he worked for an accountancy firm for a year while Fared joined a bank.

“We later started working for an online Islamic insurance product,” said Usman.

He had been to the Light House Market in Pakistan, which is where all shipments of used goods from abroad first arrived.

They were sent to Karachi from all over the country, and he knew that a lot of branded goods were being sent there. There was however a demand.

Usman said, “Selling used goods online is a new idea in Pakistan, but it is common in the Western world.

Talking about the business model, Osman said that he had maintained around 1.5 million PKR inventories.

While daily orders ranged between 20 and 40 parcels and the monthly turnover was around half a million rupees.

“This is a start. Usman said we do not know about the future but we are optimistic about our idea and concept of selling used products online and the response is really good,” said Usman Know about the brands and their prices buy landa items.

“So there is a niche market, and we’re just going after it.,” he said.

Usman explains that most products of a certain brand in the used goods market are just one or two, therefore they are based on a first-in-kind and first-purchase basis when it comes to issues of product quality and inventory.

“We classify our products into three conditions: excellent (almost brand new), good (relatively used), and average (used after use and somewhat damaged),” he says.

Usman says that a particular product of any well-known brand, which typically costs PKR 10,000 to 12,000, is only available in this business from PKR 1,500 to 2,500.


I’ve written about Landa Bazaar shopping in Pakistan today. Pakistan is a developing nation with a population that struggles to keep up with rising costs of living and a lack of spare money. If you’re looking for a place to get what you need at a price you can afford, then Landa Bazaar is where you want to go. Landa Bazaar is open to all customers, both in-store and online. Feel free to post a comment below with any questions or recommendations you may have.

Thank you!

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