Ladies Jeans Online Shopping in Pakistan

Ladies’ Jeans Online Shopping in Pakistan

Ladies’ Jeans Online Shopping in Pakistan is a process under which consumers purchase goods, services, etc.

directly from a seller without intermediary service on the Internet.

Merchants may peruse the online store at their leisure without leaving the house.

Online purchasing is done to save both time and money.

Ladies Jeans Online Shopping in Pakistan.

Anyone can save their precious time by shopping for ladies’ Jeans Online in Pakistan. Anyone can see and choose the things they want to buy.

Through online shopping, we can save money as the prices are lower than the market prices and we get our purchased goods at our homes.

Customers can purchase items from the comfort of their homes or workplace.

Shopping is made easy and convenient for the customer through the Internet.

It is also easy to cancel the transaction to save time and effort.

What are the stages of online shopping?

First, get the product you want to buy.

  1. Click that product. Down, there will be two options—Add to Cart and Buy Now. …
  2. Sign In. Sign up if you don’t have an account. …
  3. Enter your email address, home address, mobile number, and other details. …
  4. Then come to the Payment Option.

Over the years, the people of Pakistan have become increasingly brand conscious and this has promoted the entry of many great international brands into the Pakistani market.

At the same time, several equally good local brands have appeared which are producing luxurious goods at very low prices.

Top Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan

Over the years, the people of Pakistan have become increasingly brand conscious and this has promoted the entry of many great international brands into the Pakistani market.

At the same time, several equally good local brands have appeared which are producing luxurious goods at very low prices.

Ladies’ jeans fashion has never been the same in Pakistan. Over time, Pakistani women have been keen to adopt the Western fashion of clothing.

It is no longer taboo to wear jeans with a top, it is like an everyday routine for many girls in Pakistan.

Initially, there were not many local brands that worked for the case, and more or less international brands were available in the field of jeans for women like Levi.

The increasing demand and customization of Western fashion have allowed Pakistanis to capitalize on the opportunity to produce good quality jeans so that every girl can find something that she likes and that too within her budget.

Best jeans brand for girls in Pakistan

  1. Next

  2. Khaadi

  3. Breakout

  4. Diesel

  5. Pepe Jeans

  6. Levi’s

  7. Mango

  8. Stoneage

  9. Cross Roads

  10. Outfitters

How did we decide?

The decision for the best jeans brands is essentially based on the quality and feel of the denim material.

No one enjoys wearing a pair of jeans that are thick, heavy, and shapeless in their stitching.

Brands that offer the best styles and accessories for jeans are a part of this list. Other factors such as store availability and pricing also play an important role.

Which style will suit you the most?

Girls always wonder which style of jeans would suit them the most.

Well, it is really difficult to decide because ordinary jeans have so many different cuts and styles.

Here is a little guide to help you all know which style of jeans go in which body shape so that you know which jeans to buy next time to shop.

For pear-shaped girls – body shape where you weigh the hips, back, and legs, it is better to go for medium skinnies or boot cuts that make your legs look taller and focus from the curvy areas.

You can wear skinny jeans now and then, but high-waisted jeans are not very big.

For apple-shaped girls – a body shape where the weight remains at the waist compared to other parts of the body, it is better to go for straight-cut jeans, so the entire body below the waist looks flat without the waist texture.

For curvy girls – curvy bodies are the new black because they are all over the internet for their rare unique shape.

If you are blessing someone to be perfectly shapely, then high-waisted jeans are best suited for you because they stick perfectly around your body.

Also, it is always a plus if curvy women get jeans, which have little stretch; this always helps for the right fit.

For beautiful weak girls – Girls with thin and weak bodies are the right candidates for wearing thin jeans. Skinny jeans will make you look taller and increase your size.

Chen One

Chen One ladies jeans online shopping

Chen one is a brand that every Pakistani is familiar with. For most of us, it is a household name that we have been hearing since childhood.

Even though it is traditionally known for its household products and especially bed sheets.

But in recent years, Chain One has brought the style game together by providing good quality western wear options for both men and women.

Their jeans, jeggings, and trousers cost from PKR 1500 to 3000.


Splash ladies jeans online shopping

The Middle-Eastern fashion brand Splash is currently running its retail stores in the most famous shopping malls in Pakistan.

The quality of their jeans is exceptionally good, exactly what one would expect from international products.

Their stores are located at Ocean and Lucky Forest Mall in Karachi and DHA Y-Block in Lahore.

If you are lucky with a sale, splash jeans can cost you around PKR 1500 and go up to PKR 8,000.


BTW ladies jeans online shopping

Lahore’s original fashion house BTW is a strong contender in the jeans competition.

The brand has several outlets in Lahore and each has one in Karachi and Islamabad.

Also, you can shop for their jeans. BTW jeans can range from PKR 1,790 to PKR 3,000.


Quiz ladies jeans online shopping

Famous British brand Quiz now has outlets in Lahore and Islamabad, but if you are not from these cities, you can still do online shopping and make free home delivery of your favorite online shopping items with a cash option.

When it comes to jeans, the brand currently has the largest variety as you can find everything from ripped to skinny to embroidered jeans.

Their jeans cost between 5000 to 8000, but their annual sales are up to 75%, where you can get these jeans for less than PKR 2400.


Mantra ladies jeans online shopping in Pakistan

Mantra ladies’ jeans is another women’s leading fashion brand online shopping that is great at offering quality denim products.

Mantra jeans can be anywhere between PKR 2,000 to PKR 4,500.


Stone-age ladies jeans online shopping in Pakistan

This is a popular ladies’ jeans Pakistani brand that can fulfill all your western wear requirements.

Their outfits are trendy and recently they have moved more toward street style trends.

They also have a good collection of vintage accessories and a good variety of denim.

The brand dates back to 2004 and its products compete with international denim jeans for PKR 2500 from here.


Crossroads ladies jeans online shopping in Pakistan

The brand was initially known for its amazing collection of sweaters, but very soon it mastered clothing and every other item.

Established in 2002, the Crossroads has set itself apart by ensuring that it fills the vacuum that exists in the Pakistani Western textile sector.

Today, you can find here a huge range of both formal and casual costumes.

From time to time, they gave us some unique and fun collections such as the Addicts Collection or the more formal and Surprising collection “Noor”.

The price of jeans here usually starts around PKR 1500.


Outfitters ladies jeans online shopping in Pakistan

It is one of the very few Pakistani brands that offer good quality Western wear at affordable prices.

Since 2003, Outfitters has been the most popular local brand for Western wear, mainly due to its emphasis on quality.

Today, its success has allowed it to open stores in all major cities of Pakistan and its sales can drive the entire city crazy.

Denim jeans in outfits start at PKR 2290 and non-denim ones are available at the starting 1999 price.


Next ladies jeans online shopping in Pakistan

Here is another British multinational clothing brand that is available in hundreds of countries around the world including some major cities in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, prices can be found next, for example in the United Kingdom, from international stores of the same brand.

But if you are willing to spend money, they have some good quality items that will last for many years.

In addition, they have a huge range of jeans which are in line with the latest trends.

One of their most popular jeans products is the Next 360 Skinny Fit Jeans and wearing them will make you feel the difference as they fit in a belly-to-eye look and give your legs the shape you’ve always wanted.

And at the same time, you will also feel the softness and comfort of the clothes so that you can create a pleasant and relaxing day.

The price of jeans starts at around PKR 6000 to 8000 in stores, but you can get much better deals online.


khaadi ladies jeans online shopping in pakistan

Khaadi recently introduced a limited collection of ladies’ jeans by Khaadi to many of its stores.

Denim ladies’ jeans were simple in appearance but comfortable to wear and came at a good price around PKR 2000.

Also, she looked great when a pair of her Kurtis or pent shirts.


In this article, we have discussed some popular ladies’ jeans brands from where you can buy jeans online.

All the brands listed above offer good quality and comfy jeans. Now you all know which places you to go next time to buy a pair of jeans.

Check these shops for your favorite styles so that you can look great.

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