Best air coolers in Pakistan complete buyers guide

Best Air Coolers in Pakistan Complete Buyer’s Guide 2023

Summer Season is Upon Us. And we all know how hard it is to Survive in HOT weather throughout Pakistan.

Finding Best air Cooler is an Art. Only a Few Peoples Know this Art, we gonna help you to decide your next Room Air Cooler for upcoming hot summer conditions.

It is air coolers that will be the most effective solution for you if you are trying to beat the summer heat while also keeping your expenses down and productivity high.

There are many different types of air coolers available now from a variety of different Manufacturers in Pakistan.

According to the area, they cooled, including room coolers (used for bedrooms and small offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), and jumbo coolers (used for large halls and wider offices), amongst other options.

But the basic principle of working remains the same for all of them.

[su_box title=”Key things to consider while buying Air Cooler” box_color=”#17172D”]

  • Purchase Correct size. look at the CFM calculation.
  • Honeycomb pads are excellent.
  • Galvanized steel bodies are more efficient and last longer.
  • Far more efficient than Air conditioners.
  • If you live in a Humid area, look for the Humidity Control Feature.[/su_box]

    In this user guide, we will try to answer the working of air coolers as well as present you with some Recommendations for Purchasing a new air cooler.

    But first, we’ll give you the information you came here to Find.

    5 Best Brands of Air Coolers in Pakistan:

    • BOSS Air Coolers
    • Super Asia Air Coolers
    • E-lite Portable Air Coolers
    • GABA National Air Coolers
    • Honeywell Air Coolers

    Basic Working Principle of Room & Office Air Coolers:

    An air cooler is a piece of electrical equipment. It is used to chill the air in a room or office.

    During the warmer months starting from Mid-May till November, it is quite beneficial.

    It has the appearance of a plastic or metal box, maybe a little refrigerator box.

    A mixture of fiberglass and plastic is used to manufacture the housing.

    At the bottom of the plastic or fiberglass cabin is a water tank that may be filled with water.

    A little pump located within the cabin is responsible for pumping the water up from the bottom of the tank.

    There is an exhaust fan in the room. The exhaust fan is permanently installed in the center of the cabin.

    Some coolers are 18″ by 18″ in dimensions. The top front section of the air cooler is open, with thin fiberglass bars fixed vertically and horizontally to allow the air to be released from the cooler.

    Small or medium air holes are also present on the other three sides of the housing, allowing for the escape of fresh air.

    Approximately one centimeter of natural fiber or straw is used to cover the exposed sides of the structure.

    Basic Working of Room Coolers in Pakistan

    Water is transported from the Cabin tank at the bottom of the channel to the top of the channel through a narrow tube. Water is channeled down via the openings in the channel.

    There are two switches on the front side of the cooler, one for controlling the motor and the other for operating the fan.

    Summer after winter is about to begin, so it’s time for us to take precautionary measures for our upcoming summer.

    Most of us stay indoors to escape the heat. Therefore, it is very important to have an air cooler in the summer season.

    If you are thinking of a budget suitable for it, then this buyer’s guide will give you all kinds of beneficial information about it.

    In today’s market, there are a variety of different kinds of air coolers to choose from.

    Therefore, how can you choose the best air cooler in Pakistan for your house from among the many choices available?

    In order to help you with your task, we’ve compiled a list of the top air coolers and up with a well-thought-out solution.

    BOSS Air Coolers

    Best brand boss room and office air coolers in pakistan

    For the best air cooler in Pakistan in 2023, why not check out the options that Boss has to offer? It is yet another well-known Pakistani manufacturer of electrical devices and home appliances.

    ModelsSpecificationsPrice In Pakistan
    ECM 6000Water Tank Capacity: 35 Litres, LCD Touch Screen, Fan Type: Propeller FanPKR 14,800
    ECM 7000Water Tank Capacity: 56 Litres, Attractive Design, Rust Proof Plastic BodyPKR 17,000
    ECM 10000Water Tank Capacity: 90 Litres, Stylish Body, High-efficiency Cooling PadsPKR 22,400

    Super Asia Air Coolers

    Best brand super asia room and office air coolers in pakistan

    When it comes to discussing the very finest air coolers in Pakistan for the year 2023, the brand Super Asia comes out on top of the list.

    It is a Pakistani company that is considered to be one of the first to develop visually appealing designs and qualities for modern-day coolers.

    It’s the best air-cooler firm in Pakistan, in my opinion.

    ModelsSpecificationsPrice In Pakistan
    ECM 4500Water Tank Capacity: 60 Litres, Rust Proof Plastic Body, Copper Wiring & MotorPKR 14,600

    ECM 5000

    Water Tank Capacity: 70 Litres, Rust Proof Plastic Body, Evaporative Cooling PadPKR 21,100
    ECM 6000Water Tank Capacity: 60 Litres, Stylish Design, Light Weight MovePKR 21,100

    E-lite Portable Air Coolers

    Best brand super asia room and office air coolers in pakistan

    In the world of electrical equipment, e-lite is simply another Pakistani company that specializes in a wide range of appliances.

    You may have a look at the E-lite product selection in this regard if you want to get the finest room cooler in Pakistan for your home.

    In order to better understand their most current air cooler models and prices, let’s look at them.

    ModelsSpecificationsPrice In Pakistan


    Water Tank Capacity: 12 Litres, Super Air Flow Technology, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 16,500


    Detachable Water Tank, Attractive Design, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 19,000
    EAC99AWater Tank Capacity: 20 Litres, Fast Air Flow, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 19,000

    GABA National Air Coolers

    Best brand gaba national room and office air coolers in pakistan

    The GABA national company is the primary local manufacturer of household appliances.

    If you’re looking for the greatest room cooler in Pakistan for your house, you’ve come to the right place.

    GABA National gives a variety of alternatives for you to choose from.

    In this section, we’ll go through some of the most recent models of GABA national air coolers in further detail.

    ModelsSpecificationsPrice In Pakistan
    GN1706Water Tank Capacity: 35 Litres, Blower Function, Rust Proof Plastic BodyPKR 13,000
    GN1722Water Tank Capacity: 35 Litres, Compact Design, Built-in Humidity ControlPKR 13,500
    GN1901Maximum Air Throw: 20 Feet, Insulated Cooling Pads, Built-in Humidity ControlPKR 16,300

    Honeywell Air Coolers

    Best brand honeywell room and office air coolers in pakistan

    Established in 1998, Honeywell Pakistan is a Lahore-based firm that specializes in the distribution of industrial products. They are the specialists in the production of many kinds of electrical and home security systems, among other things.

    In your search for the top air coolers in Pakistan, you may come across the brand names Honeywell and other similar items. So, let’s have a look at the pricing and specifications of their most recent air cooler models.

    ModelsSpecificationsPrice In Pakistan


    Water Tank Capacity: 7 Litres, Compact Design, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 23,400


    Water Tank Capacity: 10 Litres, Stylish and Rust Proof Body, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 26,400


    Water Tank Capacity: 20 Litres, Fast Air Flow, Remote Control TechnologyPKR 30,400

    Effectiveness at various temperatures:

    Coolers function efficiently in hot and dry climates. Air coolers operate by evaporating water into the atmosphere. As a result, when more water evaporates, the air becomes cooler.

    However, the atmosphere’s capacity to hold air is limited, and if the air is already humid, it will be unable to hold additional water, preventing the air from cooling to the amount that it would in drier climates.

    The higher the humidity, the less effective the coolers will be.

    Manufacturers are now producing coolers with a feature called ‘Humidity Control’ to counter this drawback.

    Numerous top brands, Such as Boss and Super Asia, make versions with particular humidity-control capabilities that are suitable for use in humid coastal areas as well.

    The below chart represents the relationship between outdoor temperatures and atmospheric humidity.

    Air Cooler Effectiveness Chart at Various Tempratures

    (All temperatures are in Fahrenheit; use the following calculator to convert to Celsius:


    Therefore, if the outside air temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 degrees Celsius) and the relative humidity is 30%,

    the outside air can be cooled to 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23.3 Celsius).

    As the humidity level rises, the cooler’s effective temperatures rise as well.

    Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Calculations:

    To ensure that a cooler operates successfully, it is critical to pick one that is the correct size for the room you wish to cool.

    Air Coolers are measured using a unit called CFM, called cubic feet per minute.

    Air Coolers are measured using a unit called CFM, called cubic feet per minute.

    The CFM is a unit of measurement for airflow.

    The higher the CFM rating, the more air is moved into the room by the fan.

    There is a simple calculation that will assist you in finding the proper size of coolers you need.

    Air delivery or air displacement (in CFM) equals the area of the room in square feet multiplied by the height of the room divided by two.

    (The denominator’s factor 2 indicates that the air inside the room is changed once every two minutes.)

    [su_note note_color=”#C1DDE9″]For instance, if your room is 100 square feet in size and has an 8-foot ceiling,

    Air delivery or Air displacement (in CFM) = 100 x 8 / 2= 400 cubic feet per minute,

    However, the majority of leading brands now specify the air displacement in cubic meters per hour.

    Thus, to convert CFM to cubic meters/hour, multiply the CFM value by a factor of 1.699. 1 cubic meter per hour equals 1.699 × 1 cubic foot per minute.

    In our example, a cooler with a capacity of 400 CFM is required. 1.699 x 400 = 680 cubic meters per hour (approx.).[/su_note]

    It is important to have the correct size cooler, if the cooler is too tiny, it’ll have to work much harder to cool the room, consuming more energy as a result of the difference in wattage between both the small and proper sized coolers.

    Consumption of electricity, efficiency, and other factors:

    1. Fiber material is another factor that is utilized to construct the cooler. While fiber body coolers have a more appealing look than steel body coolers, they have a smaller cooling pad area.

    As a result, fiber coolers have a lower cooling efficiency than steel body coolers.

    The galvanized steel body protects the coolers against rust, resulting in longer life and increased efficiency.

    2. In addition to the climate, the cooling pads used in Coolers also contribute to efficiency. The patterns on the cooling pads have a significant impact on the absorption and evaporation of water.

    The honeycomb and the aspen are two common patterns (wood wool). The difference between these two patterns is their ability to absorb water and allow the air to pass through them.

    In comparison to honeycomb pads, which are roughly 85 percent efficient, aspen pads are approximately 75 percent efficient.

    3. Air coolers consume far less energy than air conditioners. A 1-ton air conditioner consumes 0.8 units per hour approximately, whereas an air cooler for an equivalent-sized room consumes only 0.1 units per hour.

    Similarly, a 1.5-ton air conditioner consumes approximately 1.2-1.3 units per hour, whereas a similar room air cooler consumes only 0.12 units per hour.

    Greater energy use results in higher electricity bills. Thus, coolers are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective!

    Main advantages of Air Coolers:

    [su_note note_color=”#D3E8D5″]

    • Apart from being cheaper, air coolers chill using water rather than refrigerants such as CFC, HCFC, etc that’s why they are extremely eco-friendly.
    • The initial cost of a cooler is far less than the upfront cost of an air conditioner. This results in a lesser investment!
    • Coolers are highly portable. As a result, you can easily place them in the room anywhere you wish to chill.
    • Air conditioners cool the air inside a room and then recirculate it. Air coolers take in fresh outside air cool it then recirculates it inside the room. As a result, more fresh air is circulated all across the room or office.
    • Electrical Coolers utilize significantly less energy than air conditioners, the annual energy savings are significant.
    • As a result of the lower investment, the cost of using coolers is less than the cost of using air conditioners. [/su_note]

      Main disadvantages of Air Coolers:

      [su_note note_color=”#FFE3E3″]

      • The primary disadvantage of an air cooler is its climatic sensitivity. Coolers may be inefficient in places with extremely high humidity. The air that emerges from the coolers is humid due to the evaporation of water. As a result, coolers contribute to the air’s humidity. Therefore, when purchasing a cooler, search for the term ‘Humidity Control‘ in the cooler’s specifications.
      • Additionally, coolers require a constant supply of water. Furthermore, if you live in an area with hard water, the internal components of your cooler are more vulnerable to corrosion. These coolers require more frequent maintenance. The fan in the air coolers generates noise that may be obtrusive. [/su_note]

        5 Tips for Improved Performance:

        • According to the myth, you should close all doors and windows when using an air cooler, but proper airflow will benefit your cooler. 
        • Maintain an adequate supply of fresh air in the room by keeping the doors and windows open. 
        • Additionally, positioning the cooler near window will help cool the room quicker.
        • If your Cooler produces a foul-smelling odor, this is sign that it should be cleaned. Maintaining and cleaning your cooler will help extend its life.
        • Adding ice water or ice in coolers will further reduce temps. Therefore, on really hot days, it is advisable to use ice water.


        Each of the options on the above-mentioned guide about the best air cooler is made available by a different manufacturer in Pakistan.

        When looking for the greatest air cooler in Pakistan for your home, you’ll want to look at the options covered further on this website, as well as the prices associated with each of the models listed above.

        This article has come to an end now that you have received information on the characteristics and pricing of the finest air coolers in Pakistan, so please support the conclusion.

        We hope that this article will help you choose the best air cooler in Pakistan for your home and office, taking into account your needs and your price range.

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