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Online Abaya Shopping in Pakistan 2023

Online abaya shopping in Pakistan is a garment worn by women all over the world. When a woman goes out of her house, the abaya is worn on street clothes and is designed to be free and flowing, hiding the “curves” of the body.

For most women in Qatar and the Middle East, the abaya is a simple and easy way to cover the body by Islamic teachings. Some women also wear niqabs, which cover both the head and the face.

Many people may think that you can’t look trendy if you wear an abaya. They are wrong. The abaya dress is not overlooked with such a massive evolution of style.

Many brands make these beautiful and fashionable clothes that you can wear regularly and on any occasion. Simple, stylish cut, embroidered, printed, open front, beautifully embellished, and what not? Pairing it with the same or contrasting scarf puts another spark in your eye.

Use it to stand out as your fashion claim, everyone loves beauty, it keeps your sport strong while being modest.


Online abaya shopping

Modern women who practice modest fashion often try out modern style fancy abaya designs to make them look fashionable and beautiful in everyday life.

Muslim women, in particular, like to wear abayas in different colors, designs, and patterns that are very elegant and beautiful.

Gone are the days when abaya meant only a black piece of cloth like a garment, modern women know how to wear the stylish abaya in a modern fashion keeping in mind the modest values.

Here we are sharing top abaya brands in Pakistan where you can buy high quality and latest designs of hijab and abaya.

List of best online abaya shopping in Pakistan

Here is a list of the Best Online abaya shopping in Pakistan.

  • Hijabeaze
  • Zainab Designer Abaya
  • Abaya pk
  • Al-Balagh
  • Hijab Ul Hareem
  • Darul-Libas

So lets start to learn it detail…

Hijabeaze: Best Abaya Brands

Hijabeaze Best Abaya Brands


If you are looking for modest clothing then hijabeaze is one of the brands that will not disappoint you. The list of top abaya brands in Pakistan, like others, has a wide range of stocks. You can find hijabs, underscores, and other accessories like sleeves and pins in the store.

They offer you the option to shop online through their store. Hijabeaze offers free shipping for all orders above 5000pkr.

Zainab Designer Abaya: excellent collection of hijab

Zainab Designer Abaya


Zainab Designer Abaya Collection is another excellent collection of hijab for women in Pakistan. The store offers a full range of designer hijabs and abayas.

This collection includes the latest designs, the best quality imported cloth brand, Islamic dress code, and a large range of products.

With stores in all major cities of Pakistan, the store has managed to gain a reasonable market share and reputation across the country.

Abaya pk: Top Abaya Brand in Pakistan

Abaya pk Top Abaya Brand in Pakistan


Founded back in 2013, Abaya.PK is one of the leading brands offering casual wear and beautifully priced. They provide a collection of hijabs, abayas as well as jewelry, make-up, and other women’s clothing.

Al-Balagh: Top Abaya Brands in Pakistan

Al-Balagh Top Abaya Brands


Al-Balagh Islamic Store is one of the most famous and top abaya brands in Pakistan. The store not only offers abayas and hijabs for women but also a complete set of Islamic accessories.

You can buy a lot of Islamic materials including books, the Qur’an, books of Hadith, Hajj and Umrah guide, and all other related things for all Islamic celebrations and occasions.

Al-Balagh has some very prominent and very modern abayas which are not only fashionable but also by the conditions of Islam.

Hijab Ul Hareem: Online abaya shopping


Hijab Ul Hareem: Online abaya shopping

This is one of the top brands of hijab and abayas in Pakistan. They have outlets in many cities and are known for their wide range of Small Stores Around the County.

They offer you the option to buy from their online store in Pakistan as well as abroad. So you can buy modest clothes for everyday use. Also, they provide you with clothes for Hajj and Umrah.

Darul-Libas: Popular Abaya and Hijab

Darul-Libas Popular Abaya and Hijab


Darul-Libas is a popular line of abaya and hijab in Pakistan. The store ranks among the top abaya brands in Pakistan. Darul clothing also offers a full range of women’s accessories and fashion.

The store collection offers a great Islamic value. The store also offers a full range of hijab accessories such as scarves under the hijab and more.

Abaya as a style proclamation

Now a day’s abaya is made with a traditional theme but the flamboyant and flowing fabrics in modern and sophisticated styles and the beautiful cutting and sewing style make the abaya superior to any other style and this is what modern women should have.

Abayas look straight at first glance, there are various designs. Modern abayas are simple and frivolous, but in recent years they have become more common with sticks, paint decorations, and custom cuts. Adornment often occurs along with the cuffs, neck, and front or back of the jacket.

Design houses have also created haute couture abayas to add splendor and sparkle, pearls, sequins, painted yarn, ribbons, crystals, lace, etc., and there is considerable following among local designers and young women in the Gulf.

Black is still the traditional and most common color, but the abaya can also be found in other colors such as dark blue, brown, green, and purple.

Women also wear a headscarf called Sheila to cover their hair. It is usually black and made of very light material. Many women choose designer scarves, which can also be found in their handbags. For more traditional women, Geshwa is an option.

This black veil covers the whole face. It is thin enough to see from the outside, although no one can see their faces.

The third option is the burqa which shows only the eyes. These women’s clothing is collectively called a hijab, which means to cover the head.

Conclusion:  Online abaya shopping Brand

So we have mentioned the famous abaya of Pakistan here. Read it so you can easily buy abaya online. The main reason for wearing the abaya in the Gulf is to observe modesty and as protection from the harsh desert environment.

By wearing such loose clothing, women protected their clothes from the effects of the sun and the sand flying around.

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