Buy Budget Gaming PC in Pakistan

Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan in 2024

Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan PCs Have been in demand for years, and the current pandemic has prompted many gamers to spend heavily on such a PC in order to pass time. However, there’s a problem. Because secondhand PC parts are so cheap, it’s easy to obtain the incorrect things and pay too much for them when building a gaming PC on a tight budget.

You can build a gaming PC for less than 30000 rupees by either obtaining a minimal processor and an expensive graphics card or the other way around. It’s a good idea to create a computer utilizing used components because of the escalating costs of new ones. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the availability, cost, and performance of the components that will be used.

We can help you get the most out of your money by building you a high-quality used computer. A gaming PC will be designed in this post, and the cost will be kept at under 30000 Pakistan rupees.

So here is a list of the basic requirements for a gaming PC under Rs 30000 that you can buy in Pakistan.

Processor (input/output): (Price 4.5-9K)

The processor is one of the most important and most expensive components of a computer. We can select a CPU from any generation, ranging from the first to the fourth.

Third-generation CPUs are now the most cost-effective option available. The third-generation processors listed are highly recommended:

Core i5 3450, Core i5 3470, Core i5 3330.

Best Processor Core i5 3450, Core i5 3470, Core i5 3330

Price: 4500-9500 Pakistani rupees.

Price of Xeon E3 1240V2 and Xeon E3 1245V2: 7000-8000 PKR.

Because any third-generation Core i5 CPU is suggested, the following list is provided solely for your information. You might be asking why we included Xeon processors in our list of processor options.

You may have heard stories about Xeon Processors not being as good as their competitors, such as Core I processors. However, we have personally tested the Xeon processors described above, so there is no need to be concerned about these specific kinds of CPU.

These specific Xeon processors are quite powerful and perform on par with the i7 3770. We have personally used the Xeon E3 1240V2 processor with a variety of applications, including gaming, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.


Gamers want bigger monitors that are HD or higher in resolution with high frame rates. These monitors offer great contrast ratios as well as a high amount of nits; nits is the unit of brightness that is used to measure the brightness of a display.

Best HD Monitors for Gaming

In today’s world, several manufacturers are creating curved monitors that surround the player’s visual environment, giving them the impression that they are actually playing the game rather than simply watching it.

Even while it falls well short of virtual reality immersion, it is definitely preferable to a flat-screen display. Curved monitors are more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

You Can Found These Monitors in Best Used and New Condition From Market. Prices of these Monitors Depend on Their Physical Condition. So Its Entirely Up to Your Choice. Prices Are Varies Between 5000 to 10000 PKR Approx. Although Curved Monitors are More Expensive than the Flat Ones.


In this setup, the motherboard is not as important as it would be in other configurations. When combined with our Xeon processor, the MSI H61-P33 is a wonderful match. Memory is accommodated via two DIMM slots, one PCIe x16 slot, two SATA II connectors, four USB 2.0 connections, and three audio ports.

Best Mother Board for Gaming

It also has a micro-ATX form factor, which is small and convenient. The board will cost you anything from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 5,000, depending on your location.

If you are unable to locate this specific board, simply begin looking for a motherboard from the 4th generation. There isn’t anything that distinguishes one of them from the other. Simply look for one that is readily available.

Peripherals Devices

The mouse and keyboard, while perhaps secondary in importance to the system, are nevertheless quite important. When it comes to a gaming mouse, they are more high-tech devices that have DPI switching capabilities, which allows them to tailor the cursor movement to each specific condition in the game.

Best Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming

These mice are also more ergonomically constructed, allowing the hand to rest more comfortably on the mouse. Mechanical keyboards are frequently used in gaming because they are more robust and responsive. The keys on such keyboards offer a more pleasing reaction, which adds to the overall love for the game.

Additionally, when you’re smashing keys together when gaming, it won’t come apart as easily. Both of these gadgets, which are more focused toward gaming than standard pointing devices, are more expensive than standard keyboards and mouse.

The steering wheel, which has a gear shift, and the pedals are examples of other peripherals. There are, of course, variations that have a variation; for example, there could be a version that only has the steering wheel and pedals.

These are excellent for providing a more immersive racing gaming experience. The higher-quality models are equipped with vibration motors, allowing the user to experience the bumps and the impression of being on the road while racing about in the virtual environment.

RAM – Samsung 8GB DDR3

There’s nothing special about this setup; we’re just using some plain old DDR3 memory. Although this is not the fastest memory available, our motherboard is only compatible with DDR3 memory.

Best Ram for Gaming PC

There are several different brands to choose from, including Samsung, Kingston, and others. We recommend installing another stick of RAM to your computer later on for a more efficient experience overall.

A single stick of memory with 8 gigabytes of storage will cost approximately Rs. 3,000.

Chassis with a standard case

This is a bit of a different one, to be honest. In most cases, you may purchase a computer that includes a case, memory, processor, and motherboard. As a result, we did not recommend a specific product as the one you should use in this scenario.

Best Gaming PC Casing

If you’re interested, a simple PC casing, such as an older Dell or Lenovo chassis, costs approximately Rs. 1,000.


We’ll be storing our data on a Western Digital hard drive with a capacity of 500 gigabytes. For Rs. 1500, you can buy the WD-Blue, which is widely accessible. The cost of upgrading to a 1TB hard disk is twice as expensive as the cost of the original drive. In order to stay inside our budget, we’re keeping with 500 gigabytes.

Best Storage Device & SSD for Gaming

500 watts power supply

A wide variety of power supplies are easily available in local marketplaces. For what it’s worth, we could probably get away with using a lower-wattage power supply, but we’re going with 500W just to be sure.

Best Power Supply for Gaming PC Build

In the local market, a respectable 500W power supply will cost you between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 3,000, depending on the brand. Just keep in mind that these are typically fairly old, so make sure you know what you’re getting for your money before you buy.

Graphics Card – AMD Radeon RX 580

We haven’t seen any other GPU achieve the same level of success as the RX 580, particularly in Pakistan. This is one of the greatest graphics cards available in Pakistan on a budget.

Best Graphic Card for Gaming PC

Despite the fact that the price has increased by a small amount, it is still a pretty good value for anywhere between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 28,000. If you’re willing to pay more than that, you can acquire an Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for roughly Rs. 35,000 instead.

5 Best Gaming PC’s in Pakistan

  1. Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10
  2. MSI Trident 3 tenth
  3. HP Omen 30L
  4. Acer Predator Orion 3000
  5. MSI MEG Aegis Ti5

So lets start to learn it in detail.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 Gaming PC:

The Alienware Aurora line of gaming workspaces is among them, obliging their R10 models with solid yet sensible Ryzen CPUs from AMD. These not only provide brute force when it comes to gaming but also tout affordability.

Giving low-budget gamers to participate in what those with improved platforms experience every day without burning their pockets. This is the best gaming PC, no question, especially with the state-of-the-art rock with plans advancing the RTX 3090 for 8K objective gaming.

MSI Trident 3 tenth Gaming PC:

MSI Trident 3 tenth Buy Gaming PC

What can we say? Gaming PCs are wonderful, can’t they? Depending on the model, they can be some of the most powerful computers in existence, or they can be the bare essentials. Because you can buy a pre-built gaming PC like the MSI Trident 3 10th and subsequently update it with more powerful hardware, you can catch up with the times – but sometimes the “entry level” is too low.

Only an Intel Core i5-10400F processor and an Nvidia GTX 1650 Super are included. This model isn’t mentioned anywhere, but it will cost  The model comes a GeForce GTX 1660 Super graphics card and a much quicker 512GB SSD. With an SSD, you’ll get a better user experience that’s for sure.

This compact design, on the other hand, compromises on one of PC gaming’s best features: the ability to easily update hardware. It’s possible to open this chassis, but it’s not the simplest task in the world. The internals can then be accessed when you remove the bottom panel, the screws, and the top of the chassis.

It’s difficult to recommend the MSI Trident 3 10th chassis to beginners because of its complexity and tiny size. There’s something about the 1660 Super and 512GB SSD model that keeps beckoning.

Which, of course, brings us to the topic at hand: results. In order to get the MSI Trident 3 10th’s entry-level model, you’ll need to be patient. Windows 10 is definitely geared for SSDs at this time, since flash-based devices continue to fall in price. As a result, after Windows starts up, you’ll have to sit and wait as startup tasks complete themselves in the background. During the first two minutes or so of the computer’s startup, we discovered that the disc was pinned at 100%.

Although this is the hard drive life, it’s something to be aware of going in, especially if you’re used to using a modern laptop.

However, once the machine has warmed up a bit, the desktop operates perfectly as expected. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super in this device can handle medium-high settings in the most recent AAA games, but its greatest strength is in esports. Overwatch, Valorant, League of Legends, or whatever your multiplayer game of choice is, this graphics card will certainly crush it – just don’t expect magic frame rates in Call of Duty: Warzone or Battlefield V, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.

HP Omen 30L Gaming PC:

HP Omen 30L Gaming PC

The HP Omen 30L might come furnished with some genuine equipment and offers execution regardless of some close internals that had us worried about wind stream There are different things that I love as well: it’s a couple of RGB zones, reasonable costs, and a smooth plan that are additionally profoundly appreciated. While the system allows customization, its narrow limits can make many expansions difficult, and little can be done to increase cooling, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.

 Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC:

Acer Predator Orion 3000 Gaming PC

The Acer Predator Orion 3000 is sublimely worked, with a scrupulousness that is unequaled and a flawless, reduced plan that works everything out such that compact and simple to move around.

Its RGB lighting is additionally something to see made far superior on account of the Frost Blade fans and side light bars. It doesn’t stop on the outside. Inside, there’s plenty of power too, with specs powerful enough to watch gamers through immersive 4K gaming and virtual reality.

It’s not in the financial plan division, but rather for something that will last a couple of years to come, it’s positively an appealing purchase for gamers who care about the two styles and execution, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.

 MSI MEG Aegis Ti5

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming PC

Whether you love or disdain the insane Transformer-Scheme case of the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5, you can’t deny its crude power. This odd-looking superior pack from MSI has some great specs.

Its most noteworthy design with an Intel Core i9, the RTX 3080, and an astounding 128GB RAM. That implies whichever model you pick, you will be dazzled by its exhibition.

Obviously, that simply implies you ought to possibly put away assuming cash isn’t an issue, in any case, be ready to consume a tremendous MEG Aegis Ti5 formed opening in your pocket and skimp on the best cheap PC games for a while.

What you Need to Know Before Shopping for Gaming PC?

While constructing a gaming PC may be high priced or a chunk complicated, first-rate gaming PCs are extra low-price Read More Detail Info Here About Best Budget Gaming PC and Compare Yourself We Arrange a Comprehensive Guide to Build Your own gaming PC. Hope you Guys will Appreciate it.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming PC

In addition to the Nvidia Ampere or Big Navi GPUs, are extra available than their predecessors, in phrases of price. So, don`t fear the a lot approximately the cost. Whatever your finances, we assure you won`t devote as a lot as you think.

Whether you are gambling the pleasant PC video games or low-finances loose video games.

Your precedence has to be selecting something this is low-cost for you without compromising overall performance on essential capabilities like a healthful port choice and appealing RGB lighting.

You may want to thoroughly suggest a high-priced computing device PC so one can see you thru 4K gaming or one of the pleasant finances gaming PCs so one can provide you with an easy 1080p gaming experience.

Don’t fear a lot approximately trim and design, except your finances is bendy or you’ve got lots of cash. Make certain there may be sufficient fast RAM too. These days 8GB DDR4 reminiscence is the barely minimum, however, improve to 16GB if you could.

A lot of SSD garage is likewise ideal, as many pinnacle titles absorb lots of space, even though you could continually get a further force later on.

Finally, ensure you’ve got sufficient cash for high-end peripherals as well. After all, a gaming PC is the handiest as accurate as of its peripherals. Only while paired with the pleasant gaming reveal and pleasant gaming keyboards will yours be the stuff of legends, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.

Conclusion: Buy Budget Gaming PC

Final Conclusions Gaming PC

Gaming PC is also used to graphic related work like adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, for those guys who like to edit videos can also use adobe premier pro these software’s will run quiet well on these PC’s used for video editing and video gameplay as well. When it comes to buying the best game PC, it concerns the right balance between your basic gaming needs and your overall budget.

So  in this article I have mentioned  all the important components related to best gaming PC in Pakistan. I hope you will get good benefit from it, Buy Gaming PC in Pakistan.

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